If you grew up after turntables were no longer in almost every house, you might have no idea of how to integrate it with your sound system. If you remember back in the day when you plugged your turntable right into your amp/receiver, you might be bewildered by newer equipment with no phono jack.

Here’s what happens when you screw it up:

If your turntable is switched to “Phono” and you plug it into an auxiliary input the music will be extremely faint. Remember: An auxiliary input performs no equalization or amplification, so the only thing happening in this scenario is that it’s passing along a barely audible signal from your cartridge.

And if you switch your turntable to “Line” and then plug it into an actual phono stage, you’re going to get an unholy squeal. That’s because you’re amplifying everything twice, which is a bad thing.

Any vinyl lover will need to get past these stumbling blocks to enjoy your platters.

This outline from Discogs breaks it down for you!
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